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Wednesday 25 April 12 09:29
Everyday we see courage. We see courage on TV when a child in Africa gets a job to get income for their family. When someone challenges a bully. Normally we won't acknolage this and carry on with our lives.
Being courageous makes us stronger and braver.

Courageousness is Contagiousness

"Everyday i'm afraid to go to school in the morning. I wake up in fear and i'm crippled by it until i get out the door. When i'm in class i'm completetly tense and shake from my fear. I'm afraid to leave my seat and i always feel like running away when i get the chance. I wish everyone would just look away as i ran out of school and never returned. "

Courage is getting out of your own mind. Letting yourself be free to do whatever the hell you want to do, without any limitations. I found the quote above on tumblr and realised how much it fit the way that i am. We can't allow fear to hold us back, being courageous is the act of having the balls to do things that others wouldn't. Everyday i push myself to school, even though the fear is there. You know why? because fear has the power to break some, but courage has the power to uplift anyone!
so beat the bully, tell the boy or girl you love him or her, Stand up to someone who's putting you down, Wear the clothes you want,stand up to your fear, kick down every door that stands in your way

Beacause ( and i can't stress this enough) being courageous, is contagious. Once we all have courage, we'll never be stopped not by anything or anyone.

Peaceandlovexoxoxo- Bri
This weeks theme is Courage.

Im gonna do my own point of view of this : 

I would say Im courageous because Im not afraid to be different from the crowds. Where I live everyones about the same, and if you step out of that line you're a freak. But Im not afraid of them , they put me down and call me weird but I never back down. They've gotten used to it because they know their words and laughter aren't getting anywhere.

So courage to me is standing out and not being afraid of the consequences and peoples opinions. Proving everyone wrong by doing something they despise or find weird, and embracing it. If you're gonna be different, or do something different, at least do it with courage and confidence. At least show you're all for it. Prove them all. Never give in, never back down.
courage .
In courage-you find no fear and in courage-no weakness does appear
In courage-steps toward danger taken and in courage-strength within awaken
In courage- a hero takes shape and in courage- the villain can't escape
In courage-there is a call to duty and in courage-out of ugliness comes beauty .

Fight those who fight you with Courage! 

Courage to stand up For what's right! 
Courage to stand up For the weak! 
Courage to know when a battle is lost! 

Let the passion rise up and erupt In a firey blaze! 

Be Brave! 
Don't fall to those who are weaker
And whisper with forked tongues 
When your back is turned.

Use your courage to stand your ground
And not fight back, use your courage to 
Forgive those who have wronged you.

Be Brave! 
And use your courage to know when to fight.

i think courage can be shown in many different ways.
and it's personality. everyone has another imagination of courage.
why? - because we are all different -
and courage is one of the things that make us different.

It takes courage in every daily action,   for what each of us is brave in its way.
Some people are brave in schools, pushing your luck every day because haven't studied. There are those who are courageous in sports. Some people are brave in being able to lie to their parents in order to do something they do not share but that makes us happy.
There are those who are courageous in the working world and those less fortunate than us that are facing days in which they have neither food nor water available to them.

The theme is courage: 
"Life is full of bumps- You've just gotta climb you're way out of 'em"
When you're born, every adult and teacher you know thrusts the idea of courage in front of your face and shows you people that you should be like at some point.  The real courage is climbing out of the expectations of others and becoming at one with yourself.  Giving out your ideas, no matter how scary or difficult it may seem.  Never shy away from an opportunity or else you'll regret it for the rest of your life.  That's what courage really is.

Courage is standing up to those who put you down
To make a life even if you're level with the ground
No matter how small
No matter how big
Courage can be found within anything
Courage is the beaver
Determined and safe
Courage is the eagle
Without fear or worries
Courage can be small, big or round
No matter where
Courage can be found
Courage is the lion
Strong and free
Courage is what's inside me
Life is too short. Don't regret anything that made you smile atleast once. Be yourself, beleive in yourself. Be who you want to be and not who others choose to see. Don't waste you're prescious life worrying about what others think. Take a deep, deep breath. Think. Breathe in Breathe out. Share your wisdom. Share your knowlege. Even if it scares you. You have an opinion, use it. Be it. Maybe you will inspire someone. Maybe you will be their reason to smile. Someones' reason to keep going on. Change the world for better. Educate.You where born an original. Don't die a copy.
Life is a Courage !
Courage to do something extraordinary, to fight with diseases, to make people stand on their own,
 to believe in someone, to fight against all odds.  Life is a Courage !


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