In the Piczo Spotlight: Swissboarder!

Tuesday 17 April 12 10:53
What inspired you to start blogging on Piczo, and how long have you had your blog?
My friends and i used to have websites on Piczo a long time ago, and last year in March I decided to check on my website and thought why not make a blog. When my mmother got ill last summer i decided to write more often and share more of my secrets with others going through the same thing, it really helped me deal with the problems i was going through.
How did you decide on that nickname and your blogname? 
Well I LIVE FOR GLITTER NOT YOU is a line from a MIKA song but more importantly its what my best friend said to her boyfriend when she broke up with him, the most hilarious and classic line that has forever been legendary in our friendship haha. And im a boarder in switzerland that gasve me the idea for swissboarder obviously haha.Thats what gave me the idea for the names

What or who inspires you?
To be honest i know this is so cheesy but my mother truly does, everything she has been through and experienced inspires me to go alittle further with everything I do, But Audrey Hepburn does inspire me with all her class and elegance as well as her impecable style.

Who's the funniest person you know?
My Brother Ian were only two years apart and are very close, he is studying Drama at the moment and quite possibly be the best new comedian in town WHENEVER i am sad he is the only guy in the world who can cheer me up ☺

what is your favorite piece of clothing? why?
My favorite piece of clothing is my Black leather jacket, whatever i am wearing if i cant find a jacket to suit my outfit i always go fort he classic black leather jacket, it always makes me feel really badass thats probably why i love it so much.
Top 3 movies?
Despicable Me,
and Anything with Johnny Depp

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?
SpongeBob SquarePants, This was probably the easiest question to answer haha

Tell us about your biggest passion!
MEDIA, i adore it everytime i watch a film i analyse it in my brain, or when i look at an advert i just cant help it, MEDIA is my passion i hope one day to work in advertising or in PR ☺
3 things we have to see/do if we visit your hometown?
In Zurich, Switzerland you have to go swimming in the Lake its amazingly freezing but fun then you also have to go shopping in Jelmoli the most elegant department store in all of switzerland and finally VISIT ME haha

If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
An Alien blaster gun haha wow how nerdy
What do you do most when you are bored?
Scrapbook or paint my nails

What incident – that you can tell us about - made you laugh your head off?
When the headmaster was giving the grad day speech and he feel on his face walking up the stairs of the stage to deliever his speech i even continued laughing once everyone else had stopped ma bad

What country you would like to visit most and why?
Japan, because it seems like such a beautiful and interesting place
What are your most favorite and least favorite foods?
MOST FAVORITE FAIJITAS and least favorite Raisins and mushrooms EW

Which blogs on Piczo do you follow?
SO MANY TO MANY TO COUNT, but i do love NIN3 ☺

Can you share any good tips for blogging?
Share whats on your mind, and just be yourself people on piczo are very understanding

And finally, why should people read your blog?
Because i write about the truth and what i feel, its simple but its me i promise ☺
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